The Committee

2019-2020 Committee

President  Simone Gong

Vice President  James Choi

Secretary  Jonathon Zhang

Treasurer  Boris Guo

Publicity Officer  Ruby Zhou

Events and Sponsorships Officer  Tony Zhang

Librarian  Anh Pham

Catering Manager  Helen Wu

2018-2019 Committee

President  James Choi

Vice President  Brandon Hao

Secretary  Elizabeth Hu

Treasurer  Boris Guo

Publicity Officer  Jane Song

Events and Sponsorships Officer  Rainie Wang

Librarian  Philipp Eversheim

Catering Manager  Simone Gong

2017-2018 Committee

President  Emily Sun

Secretary  James Choi

Treasurer  Shawn Li

Publicity Officer  Kimberley Cao

Events and Sponsorships Officer  Elizabeth Hu

Librarian  Brandon Hao

2016-2017 Committee

President  Richard Song

Secretary  Emily Sun

Treasurer  Catherine Guo

Publicity Officer  Kimberley Cao

Events and Sponsorships Officer  Shawn Li

Artistic Director  Garry Zhu